Since 2001, WOLF has been the leader in providing professional development opportunities that reflect the changing requirements of forestry professionals and those working in related industries.  As your work continues to evolve, so does our ability to deliver outstanding programs to meet your needs.


WOLF is excited to announce 13 professional development opportunities for people interested in forestry.


  1. Woodland Soils
  2. Woodland Wildfire Awareness
  3. Woodland Historical Resources
  4. Woodland Plant Identification
  5. Planning for Healthy Landscapes
  6. Forest Lands Reclamation Certification Criteria
  7. Woodland Species at Risk
  8. Woodland Stewardship
  9. Woodland Water Quality, Erosion Control, and Crossing Construction
  10. Woodland Water Crossings, Monitoring, and Inspections (GoA)
  11. Woodland Water Crossings, Monitoring, and Inspections (FSCP)
  12. Woodland Water Legislation
  13. Log Truck Professional Driver Training Series (Module 3 Loading, Securement & Transport)


Designed by industry professionals, these courses are available when you are. Our user-friendly, online learning system allows you to upgrade your skills and get the credentials you need – ANYWHERE you have internet access, and ANYTIME that works for you.

  • Cost for each of these online narrated courses is $99 (+GST)

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