To schedule and coordinate the delivery of a WOLF course or simulator training please contact the WOLF office at 780-849-8724/Toll Free 1-866-293-WOLF. One-day face-to-face classroom course delivery starts at $4,400 (+GST) for 20-25 students. Online course registration fee is $220 (+GST) per course.  These courses may be customized to meet specific objectives.

Please Note: For a limited time, WOLF courses listed as “Environmental Training” are offered at a reduced registration fee of $44, thanks to the support of the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) under a Forest Resource Improvement Program (FRIP) Grant until March 31, 2020. This offer is only available to Alberta residents. Please call or email for details.

Course curriculum is developed by WOLF with funds from Rural Alberta’s Development Fund (RADF) and the FRIAA.

Online courses were developed by WOLF, Northern Lakes College (NLC), and Coolen Forestry with funds from FRIAA, Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) Alberta Employment and Immigration, Community Development Trust Fund.