Herbicides are used to control plants that compete with desired plant species. In forest renewal, herbicides are used to control tree, shrub and herbaceous vegetation that competes with coniferous trees established as part of the forest industry’s commitment to forest sustainability. With judicious prescription and use, herbicides can be used to foster desired tree species without compromising other sustainability objectives such as maintenance of wildlife habitat and mixed tree species compositional objectives.
Herbicides are the most effective and contentious vegetation management methods available to foresters – as such their use is highly regulated and subject to considerable scrutiny.

The goal of this course is to help the learner understand why herbicides are chosen over other, less contentious, methods of forest vegetation management.

Participants in this course are often on the “front line” and play a pivotal role in managing the risks associated with forest herbicide application. They provide an on-site assessment of risk factors, and are frequently present in the treatment area during application – thus they are best positioned to ensure that pilots and/or ground applicators understand the risk factors that are inherent in this type of program, and ensure that application procedures are completed safely and that risks are managed to a high standard.

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant should be able to:
 Describe their role as a front line forestry professional
 Describe the biological principles that support herbicides in forest management
 Explain herbicide use in forest renewal & why they are chosen over other methods of vegetation management
 Describe the basic premise of toxicological testing
 Describe, in general terms, the fate of herbicides in the environment and the impact of herbicides on forest wildlife
 List all required PPE & safe work practices
 Explain the regulation, training & approval process
 Describe the fundamentals of risk management


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