Each stream crossing has an owner who is responsible for monitoring, maintaining
and de-activating the crossing. This course presents what is currently the most widely
accepted system of monitoring stream crossings in Alberta. As inspectors become more
highly skilled at identifying problems with bridges and culverts, they will be better
prepared to generate solutions and reduce your liability. When staff are trained to
follow a standard procedure the result will be a consistent and accurate inspection the
company can rely upon.
The course will provide the industrial user with a standard approach to crossing
inspection and risk assessment.
This course is intended to provide a process of monitoring and inspection to help ensure
crossings are functioning effectively and that repair work is done on those crossings
that present the highest risk.
By learning to identify and record defective bridge or other crossing components,
personnel will be able to suggest remedial action to reduce sedimentation, reduce
losses to aquatic habitats and reduce company liability.
Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to:
• understand how water cycles through the environment
• recognize the various aspects of water quality
• recognize the main pieces of water legislation
• understand why crossing monitoring is needed
• complete a Government of Alberta crossing inspection form and recommend remedial action
• use a systematic method of ranking crossings to derive priorities for remedial



    • Course delivery is available in a classroom setting (at your location) or online

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