Course Goal

Reforestation of harvested areas commonly includes a mechanical or chemical treatment to preparing the ground before planting or seeding the next generation of trees. In this course we present site preparation options for various situations, and then describe how a supervisor or operator can go about managing the quality and production of the site preparation project. The course goal is to make choices that will provide a high regeneration success rate, and keep the costs down. Material presented here is directed at those charged with supervising site preparation projects, and those who operate site preparation equipment.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this Site Preparation Operations Course the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the critical soil and ground factors that will influence site preparation choices
  • Describe several methods of chemical site preparation permitted in Alberta
  • Describe the goals and applications for a variety of mechanical site preparation implements
  • Recognize ways to measure the quality of a mechanical site preparation operation
  • Recognize ways to measure and improve equipment productivity
  • Select operating procedures that help prevent fires, protect retained structure existing trees, and prevent human or animal injury


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