Forestry Training Course Goal

This course is designed for anyone working in the resource development industries and is especially applicable to those who work in the woods and depend on healthy forests for their livelihood.

Learning Objectives

Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Describe the forest health issues that affect the well-being of our forests, including:
    • the role of insects and diseases as a part of the natural forest ecosystem
    • the consequences of poor forest health on the forest industry
    • the impact of invasive plants
    • the various ways that insects, diseases, and weeds are spread through the forest
    • the risk factors contributing to windthrow
  • Recognize and be able to categorize major insect and disease pests of concern to Alberta, including:
    • Mountain Pine Beetle
    • Spruce Beetle
    • Spruce Budworm
    • Lodgepole Pine Dwarf Mistletoe
    • Warren Root Collar Weevil
    • Lodgepole Terminal Weevil
    • White Pine Weevil


                • This course is available in a narrated online version (link below), but due to Covid-19, face-to-face course deliveries are not currently available, however, it can be delivered online (to groups) with a live instructor. To arrange a “live online” delivery please send your request to or contact the WOLF office at 1-866-293-WOLF (9653)
                  • Cost of the online narrated course is $99 (+GST)

              Please click HERE to register for the online course

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