Forestry Training Course Goal

The Woodlands Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF) has developed this course to prepare workers so they are able to reduce the chances of a spill occurring, and if a spill does occur, to reduce the size and extent of damage that results. The goal is to minimize impacts to themselves, other people, the company and the environment. This course is developed to provide the information and practice needed for workers to provide safe and effective spill prevention and action in the event of a spill.

Learning Objectives

Participants who successfully complete this course will know:

  • What ‘Due Diligence’ is with respect to spills
  • What to do to prevent spills
  • What the priorities are in a spill situation
  • How to protect themselves and others in a spill situation
  • Procedures for effective control, containment, and recovery of a spill
  • Actions to take when the spill is beyond their control


          • Due to Covid-19, face-to-face course deliveries are not currently available, however, this course can be delivered online (to groups) with a live instructor. An online version is currently under revision. To arrange a “live online” delivery please send your request to¬†or contact the WOLF office at 1-866-293-WOLF (9653)

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