Welcome to Woodland Plant Identification. This course will introduce you to plants and
how they grow. You will go from looking at the forest and just seeing the green plants
to looking at the forest and picking out an aspen or a spruce tree, a bracted honeysuckle
or a red osier dogwood.
Learning to identify specific plants is an important part of any Forestry Program, and the best way to do this is to create your own plant collection. The collection process is a
very effective way to learn which plants are which. The book that you will be using is an excellent reference for this, and most students end up also using it while they work as a Forestry Professional. If you truly have an interest in Forestry, you are sure to enjoy learning about plants.

At the end of the course (learning guide and lab), you will be able to:
• understand how to identify a plant.
• describe the biological processes of plant growth.
• determine how a plant relates to the ecosystem we live in.
• make a collection of common plant types from a variety of regions.


  • Course delivery is available in a classroom setting (at your location) or online

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