Forestry Training Course Goal

Watercourse crossings in Alberta are regulated mainly by five pieces of legislation. This course presents the intent of these standards and their key features. As people learn what the requirements are for specific watercourse types, they will be better prepared to choose the correct crossings, install them competently and ultimately reduce your legal liability. The size of crossing required is often underestimated – resulting in crossing failure with the first spring runoff. This causes both environmental damage and a direct financial loss. In order to design the crossing to handle the peak flows, one must understand the characteristics of the watershed above the crossing. This course will provide the industrial user with an understanding of hydrological factors that affect the crossing design. This will improve communication between the engineers and reduce crossing failures.

Learning Objectives

Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Understand how water cycles through the environment
  • Recognize the various aspects of water quality
  • Comply with the provincial Operating Ground Rules and the Water Act
  • Understand the intent of the federal Fisheries Act and Navigable Waters Act and how they apply in Alberta
  • Consider the hydrologic factors of a proposed crossing during discussions with design engineers, consultants or Qualified Environmental Aquatic Specialists


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