Course Goal

To be able to troubleshoot hydraulic system problems and either repair or relate the nature of the problem to a qualified technician.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to correctly:

  • Describe the basic components of a hydraulic system and their function
  • Identify common problems associated with hydraulic systems on forestry equipment
  • Conduct, in a worksite setting, a routine inspection of the hydraulic system on a piece of forestry equipment
  • Predict three common impacts of terrain and weather on hydraulic systems
  • Troubleshoot, in a workplace setting, three common hydraulic problems using manuals and diagnostic equipment
  • Demonstrate, in a workplace setting, the ability to work with a technical support representative
  • Discuss five safety tips used when inspecting hydraulic systems
  • Recognize the environmental impacts of leaked/spilled hydraulic oil on the environment


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