Forestry Training Course Goal

This module is intended to provide awareness and develop competency in the area of log quality. It is designed to provide information about the fundamentals of log quality and illustrate how log quality has an impact on the viability of the local forest industry

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to correctly:

  • – Define log quality and what it means to you as a forest worker
  • – Describe how log quality affects the local and Canadian forest industry
  • – Identify how poor log quality affects mill production
  • – Recognize natural log quality defects and understand the effect they have on mills
  • – Recognize human-caused log quality defects, describe their impact, and list ways they can be eliminated
  • – Describe the purpose of a log quality program and list its essential elements
  • – State example of self-checking systems that will promote high log quality
  • – Practice operator decision-making scenarios for dealing with various log quality issues


      • This course is now available online.
    • Individuals can register for the online version and pay online by clicking HERE
    • For more information please send us an email at or contact the WOLF office at 1-866-293-WOLF (9653)

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