Welcome to The Woodland Operations Learning Foundation Log Truck Professional Driver Training Series

Being a professional Log Truck Driver requires a great deal of expertise, good judgement, experience, and of course attitude. Each of the 5 modules in this series attempts to strengthen the skills you already have while giving you the opportunity to increase your competence, expertise and know-how.

Each module in this course includes a few related exercises that are designed to help you retain what we’ve covered, not to test you. If you successfully complete the chapter exercises, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the final quiz.

Upon completion of the final quiz, you will receive a certificate of completion from The Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF)



The 5 modules in the Log Truck Professional Driver Training Series are as follows:

  1. Module 1 covers Log-Haul Administration and deals with a lot of the paperwork you’ll encounter and is an introduction to log truck configurations, weights, dimensions & permits as well as driver administration & workplace attributes.
  2. Module 2 is all about roadworthiness and addresses not only how to maintain a safe & efficient vehicle but how to be a safe, professional driver & co-worker.
  3. Module 3 deals with log loading, load securement and transporting your cargo safely to your destination.
  4. Module 4 is about weigh-scales & offloading procedures at your destination.
  5. Module 5 focusses on how to prepare for, prevent and respond to unforeseen conditions and emergency situations.
  6. Module 6 draws from each of the 5 professional driver modules and includes content appropriate for Forestry Supervisors, Scale Attendants & Mill Supervisors who will benefit from an in-depth understanding of forest products transportation and the important role of Forest Products Professional Truck Drivers.





  • Reduced Insurance Rates

The insurance brokers who support this training series are offering a potential 10% discount on commercial auto insurance rates for qualified, experienced log truck drivers who successfully complete this series. 

Click here for Insurance Broker Contacts

  • Safer Workplace

It’s good to know that your employees and co-workers are all on the same page when it comes to safe operating procedures. If everyone on your haul learns how to prevent mishaps and knows what to do if a hazardous situation arises, everyone will benefit.

  • Safer Highways

A nicely loaded, safe & secure load of logs going down the highway is good for everyone. A professional log truck driver understands the challenges we all face on public highways and makes sure that they’re as safe & prepared as they can be.

  • Minimize Downtime

A professional log truck driver knows that efficiency and safety go hand in hand. A safe load on a well-maintained rig is less likely to be pulled over for inspection, and if it does get stopped and everything is perfect, you’re back on the road in no time.

Cargo Securement has been the #1 issue for inspecting officers over the past few years, therefore module 3 (Loading, Securement and Transport) is the first course completed and now ready to launch.  Please check it out and give us some feedback for future upgrades.

  • Reduce Environmental Impact                                                                                                                                                                 

A well-trained Professional Log Truck Driver will possess the necessary skills and tools to reduce carbon emissions, reduce the number of trips, and reduce potential environmental damage resulting from roll-overs and/or fuel spills. Improved loading & hauling efficiencies will dramatically reduce the extent and duration of ecosystem exposure to human impact. These improved efficiencies in forest products transport not only benefit local landscapes & associated wildlife populations, but they also have a positive effect on global climate change impacts.



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